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A&W’s comprehensive national, regional and local marketing services ensure that every franchisee benefits from heightened brand awareness. A&W’s team of expert marketers work closely with franchisees to develop the most effective marketing strategy for their target audiences so franchisees can remain focused on their day-to-day operations. A&W’s hands-on approach to marketing drives more customers to stores and helps franchisees understand how to most effectively connect with their communities.


From the moment a new A&W franchisee signs their franchise agreement until the day they retire, they receive personal, hands-on support from dedicated corporate team members. Before even opening their store, A&W’s team works with franchisees to identify the best location for their restaurant, select the most effective store model, and design a beautiful and streamlined build-out that will appeal to the local community. Once the restaurant is built, A&W’s corporate team will work closely with franchisees to strategize and publicize an exciting grand opening to drive a thriving customer base from day one.

Comprehensive Training

A&W franchisees are provided with comprehensive training, including hands-on experience at the brand’s national learning center, before opening their store. After more than 100 years in business, A&W’s corporate team has helped franchisees overcome just about any challenge the job can throw at them, and they’ve incorporated each of those lessons into their training program, which will equip each new franchisee to run a successful business regardless of their prior experience in the industry.

A Franchisee-Led Brand

Unlike most franchise brands, A&W asks franchisees to play an active role in determining the direction of the brand. A&W’s National A&W Franchisee Association (NAWFA) board gives franchisees more than just a voice; it gives franchisees the ability to leverage their store-level experience to make decisions for the future of the franchise system at large. And A&W’s franchisee-first approach extends beyond its unique franchisee advisory panel. The franchise also requires all corporate team members to work in an A&W restaurant at least once per quarter, ensuring that all of the brand’s decision-makers have an intimate and up-to-date knowledge of the franchisee experience.

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With decades of experience in the fast casual and franchising industries, the A&W leadership team is here to support you for the lifetime of your business.

Dale Mulder

Chairman of A&W Restaurants, Inc.

Kevin Bazner


Paul Martino

President & Chief Operating Officer

Bill Fry

VP of Restaurant Support Services

John Palumbo

Sr. Director of Franchise Development

Ron Lewis

Director of Design & Construction

Liz Bazner

Senior Director of Marketing

Jodi Shepherd

VP of Finance & Human Resources