WEBINAR: Navigating Franchise Lending

WEBINAR: Navigating Franchise Lending

A&W Is A Legacy Franchise Looking For New Entrepreneurs

Bridging Generations for a Bright Future

For entrepreneurs seeking a franchise opportunity with a rich history and a brand that resonates across generations, A&W Restaurants stands as a shining example. As a legacy franchise, A&W has been an integral part of American culture for over a century, serving up smiles, frosty mugs of root beer, and cherished memories. Our enduring commitment to honoring our past while embracing the future creates a unique and compelling opportunity for franchise owners. In a world where 88% of consumers prioritize authenticity when choosing the brands they endorse, A&W stands out as a brand deeply rooted in community care and a commitment to providing an authentic and delightful dining experience.

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A Legacy Rooted in Tradition

A&W’s story began in 1919, when Roy W. Allen and Frank Wright opened a modest root beer stand in Lodi, California. Little did they know that this small endeavor would evolve into a nationwide sensation. By 1926, A&W had become the first-ever restaurant franchise in America, pioneering a model that would shape the industry for generations to come. This legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship is something we carry with pride.

Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future

At A&W Restaurants, we understand the importance of preserving our heritage while continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our commitment to nostalgia isn’t about living in the past, it’s about celebrating the timeless elements that connect us across generations. For instance, our famous frosty mugs of freshly made root beer remain a symbol of our history and a beloved treat for all ages.

“When we look at changing up restaurant design, when we look at doing packaging redesign, when we look at doing uniforms, anything like that, one of the first places that we turn is to our own history, and we’ve got a ton to look back on — over 100 years worth,” says Liz Bazner, Senior Director of Marketing for A&W. “We really have taken a lot of those elements too: for example, the really clear hand-painted letters from the old cinder block root beer stands. We’ve incorporated that history into a lot of what we do today, because it’s still relevant, and it really resonates with people. And we don’t have to manufacture our own history. This is something real that we can look back on and pull from ourselves.”

Connecting People Across Generations

Owning an A&W Restaurant franchise means becoming a part of a brand that transcends time. It’s not only about serving delicious food. It’s about creating moments that people remember for a lifetime. Whether it’s grandparents sharing stories of their first A&W root beer float or parents introducing their children to our classic menu, our franchise owners play a vital role in connecting people across generations.

Join a Legacy Franchise with A&W Restaurants

Our enduring legacy franchise model provides a platform for entrepreneurs to build a business that is firmly rooted in the past, but poised for a vibrant future. When you become a part of the A&W Restaurant family, you’re not just investing in a franchise, you’re investing in a tradition of joy, togetherness, and the simple pleasures of life. Learn more about our franchise opportunities by visiting our research pages here. When you’re ready for the next step toward owning an A&W franchise, fill out our inquiry form here to get a conversation started with us about your business goals. Our franchise team is ready to support you in crafting your chapter of this remarkable legacy.

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