Interview With A&W Chairman And CEO, Kevin Bazner

Kevin Bazner, CEO of A&W, Discusses Franchise Opportunities Why would entrepreneurs invest in A&W? There are a couple of reasons why you would choose A&W over another brand. One is that we have strong brand recognition globally—not just nationally, but globally. That’s incredibly important when you’re evaluating investment opportunities with any brand. Another reason is...

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Interview With A&W’s Senior Director of Franchise Development, John Palumbo

John Palumbo, Senior Director of Franchise Development, Talks About A&W’s Unique Position What makes A&W a unique franchise opportunity? What’s cool about our brand is not only do we have a unique ownership structure, our franchisees are also able to enjoy a concentrated cost of goods. We still enjoy a relationship with the largest food...

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Interview With An A&W Franchise Owner

Anthony Walker, Franchisee of A&W, Details Franchisee Experience How did you become an A&W franchise partner? I grew up in the business. I’m a third generation franchisee. My grandparents bought a restaurant in 1962. And we’ve evolved, we’ve moved locations, but we’ve been the owners for three generations. So it’s a family business for me....

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