Marketing Support


A&W’s number one goal is to grow profitable sales. Working with our Restaurant Support Services and Operations Teams, we develop a National Sales Event calendar that gives us the unique opportunity to showcase the high quality items we serve every day and try new and exciting flavors. Each restaurant receives a unique set of Point of Purchase (POP) Sales Event materials. Restaurants can customize their merchandising kits to receive exactly what they need.

When it comes to media, our team focuses on targeted channels like couponing, digital and social media tailored to run within a specific trade area surrounding each restaurant. In addition, A&W provides access to advertising creative for each sales event, including TV, Radio, Digital, Print and Social Media assets. All of this creative is made available to each & every one of our Franchise Partners.


We understand that each A&W restaurant is unique, and we embrace that challenge. One of the most effective tools for any operator to increase profitable sales is to plan and implement Local Store Marketing (LSM) tactics. As an A&W Franchise Partner the vast majority of your advertising contributions will be placed in a One-Store Account for you to use on a local level for LSM.

There are a variety of methods and approaches to LSM and our team provides support prior to restaurant opening, during grand opening event planning and longer-term annual marketing strategies. We provide everything you’ll need from budget and calendar templates, toolkits for local event planning and one-on-one marketing “Focus Calls” designed to drive profitable sales. Your local advertising & marketing expenses are reimbursable through your restaurant’s One Store Marketing Account.

Creative Services

In addition to the marketing support resources our team delivers, we offer access to creative services that are FREE for any operator wanting custom A&W creative. We make it easy for Franchise Partners to engage in LSM, and we have their back every step of the way.

Digital Advertising & Social Media

Digital advertising and social media are integral to our Local Marketing plans as they increase awareness, help drive profitable sales and can be geo-targeted efficiently around each restaurant. We support our national marketing initiatives through strategically targeted online media, including display ads, search ads, Facebook, YouTube and mobile-specific platforms. We can also offer resources and guidance for restaurants who choose to have local social media pages or wish to place online media locally. As with all of our Local Store Marketing planning, these advertising methods can be tailored to your specific location and expenses are reimbursable through your One-Store Marketing Account.

"Flexibility is paramount for me and I appreciate the freedom to do what I think will work for my markets."

— Brett Harris, Montana (6 restaurants)